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French Quarter Free Walking Tours
French Quarter Free Walking Tours
What is the Garden District?

Nola Tour Guy offers a Walking Tour of the historic Garden District in New Orleans. Easily accessible from the French Quarter by the St Charles Street car. A stroll through The Garden District is a must for everyone and anyone who visits New Orleans.

Thomas Jefferson signed the Louisiana Purchase in 1803, and Americans flooded into the city of New Orleans to make their fortunes. Culture clashes from both the Creoles and Americans caused Americans to live on the other side of Canal Street. The second generation of Americans, arriving in the two decades before the Civil War built their own city, Lafayette – complete with its own cemetery, Lafayette Cemetery. .

One Lafayette neighborhood, built as a planned community for the wealthy, later known as the Garden District, remains a delightful neighborhood to tour. Not just for the beautiful antebellum homes and lush gardens, but for what you’ll learn about the population, including a few eccentrics and scandalous souls, both now and in the past. Lafayette Cemetery #1, one of our Cities of the Dead, is included in the tour..

Nola Tour Guy presents our Garden District Tour as a Private Tour only. Join us for an intimate journey into the past. To book The Garden District Tour fill out the contact form, We’ll reply within 24 hours.

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